Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our new Saige!

Wow, been busy since last blog. It seems that despite my best intentions I cannot get on the computer and update everyday but it's a start and maybe like a good wine I'll get better with time. I have narrowed it down to the need to establish a habit. I am pretty good with habits so once its in the routine...it's there to stay. Some pretty significant things have gone on since last blog. Firstly, upon telling saige that she needed a haircut before school going back she confidently told me that she wanted it all chopped off! "Really ?" I said, "Are you sure?" To which she answered "Yes Mum, when can we do it?" And true to her word she did not falter. Even though many people questioned her, she never wavered and I admire her self confidence for it. Not to mention the fact that she simply looked stunning. Such a big change and it made her look so grown up! Stop it....no more growing up. Here are some photos of the tranformation.

A New Start

OK...this is it! Yes a new start for 2010, and one that includes making time each day or week to maintain a blog and gallery. It is one of my NY's resolutions and one that I intend to keep. I have created other blogs on other sites but have somehow managed to fall behind on the upkeep of them. Either too buys with kids, too tired, to mentally drained or simply too overwhelmed to sit down and take time out to record stuff. Which is odd considering my passion for scrapbooking and recording what goes on in my family on a daily basis. I have analysed this in my mind and have some to the conclusion that I either rely on my memory (which is failing with each pending birthday!!), or the cool feature on digital cameras that cleverly records date details with each photo captured. Yes...the whole "the date is on the camera" mentality has to go, and as of this moment....it is outta here! Also, as the kids get older I know that they will be all over these new fangled things like twitter, blogs, on line this and on line that, so I didn't want to be archaic in my knowledge or approach and leave myself wide open for the "Oh come on Mum, get with it" comments.
So here it is, a start! Whether it be to record kid stuff, their achievements, their mishaps and funny stories, or to share photos and layouts with friends and family, I am committed to it. Starting with today. When Jason got home from work this morning (he is a fireman) Tane decided to kit up in Jason's gear! Gorgeous...a taste of things to come maybe....not so sure! But as Saige chimed in I couldn't help but grab for the camera. Sporty spice (a.k.a Sienna) also got in on the act however was happy to remain in her own ensemble!!