Monday, September 17, 2007

Been awhile!

Hmmm, has been a few moons since I last posted. Been busy with kids and generally just not at the computer! I have decided to only blog maybe once a week, a more realistic expectation rather than trying to find the time each day. Whats been happening?? Well had a busy week last week, Sienna to the clinic on monday (10 Sept) for her two month check up. She blitzed it - weighed in at 4.72 kilos which means she had gained about 1.2kgs in 5 weeks. Her head has grown and her little body has lengthened by 1.5cms. Our little porky pie is going great guns! The following day I had my post baby check (a few weeks late...whoops) but there is just something about the prospect of having a pap smear that just doesn't make you wanna rush in there! Anyway I had Sienna with me so the doc decided to give her her two month immunisations. Poor little sausage - oral vaccines, plus three injections - not happy Jan! Although she did handle it quite well considering.

Saige had her first afternoon at Little Athletics. We enrolled her and she was meant to start last week but because of the rain it was postponed - much to her disgust! She did so well, winning the 70m sprint and throwing the furtherest in the shotput. She has never even picked up a shotput before - or seen one thrown for that matter. Seems she is a natural, jsut like her Daddy who was a little A's champion! I don't know who was prouder when they got home - Saige or Jason!

Started back at work on Sunday, hard to leave but good to have some me time. Once I acutally got to work the time seemed to fly by and I really enjoyed catching up with the girls at work. Working a few more shifts this week which I know is good as we need the money but I am still not enjoying leaving Sienna. I still have that incredible feeling that I should be with her 24/7. However Jason is fantastic with her and it is good for them to have some daddy daughter time. Tane is just plodding along, equally devious and gorgeous at the same time. Even though he sometimes drives me insane, I wouldn't change him for the world!! He is going to be hard work for a few more years to come but being our only boy it'll be worth it. OK, nearly time to wake Sienna for the pre-bed feed so I'm off - here is a photo Jason took yesterday of the kids, just gorgeous.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jester Boy!

Well today went pretty well to plan. Sienna surprised me with a massive sleep through the night and didn't wake until nearly 4am this morning. Just as I readied myself for her staying awake after her feed, she went straight back to sleep until 6ish! Bliss, 100% pure sleeping bliss - very proud of her. In fact all day today she has been quite sleepy. Slept from 9.30am till 12.30, feed, then back to sleep, feed at 3.30, bath, then a top up feed at 5.30, and currently she is still sleeping (7.30pm). The funniest part of our day would have to be Tane coming out from Saige's room after having raided the dress-up box, with the Court Jester hat on his head (see photo). My Mum made this outfit for me when I was a little girl. The funniest part was I was standing at the Scrapbook table and quite unexpectedly Tane came out and stood next to me. I was busy cutting something out and therefore did not look at him straight away. But then one of the little bells jingled and I absolutely cacked myself when I caught sight of him.
My gorgoeus, wicked boy!! It's moments like these where I am reminded of the innocence of childhood and unbridled search for fun. Today Jason doned the Firefighters gear and went and spoke at Saige's school. It was definately a sight with about 60 little faces peering at him with big beady eyes - the power of a fireman's uniform!! They just loved it, Jason did really well and managed to keep their interest and attention. Saige was beside herself with pride at her Daddy standing up there in front of all her school mates. It was beautiful to see. Got to the gym today which is always a bonus. That's pretty much it for today - no scrapbooking, housework instead (boring!!). But tomorrow is another day....

Monday, September 3, 2007

First blog ever!

Ok, so I may be a little slow on the uptake for blogging but trust me, it has been playing on my mind and is one of those fleeting thoughts you have each day that goes something like " Now I must look into setting up a blog..." (this thought has been recurring for about 6 months now!!)Then one of the kids needs something to eat, or the washing is ready to be hung out or brought in, or the baby needs a feed/change. I just never seem to get around to doing the things I initially set out to do. One of the fabulous perks of being a mum to three young children I guess. Yes, we have three magnificent creations - Saige (5), Tane (3) and our new baby Sienna (nearly 8 weeks). Things are put completely in perspective when I see these gorgeous faces. Even though I have my moments of not being the patient, perfect mum that I should be, I adore these kids and realistically they are the reason for and my main subjects for scrapbooking! Saige, our first born, is the most beautiful, independent, curious, intelligent, extroverted little soul!! She has begun Prep this year at Ormeau State School and even though she is among the youngest in the class - she has nailed the whole school thing, doesn't miss a beat!! We have just enrolled her for Little Athletics at the Helensvale club and she will start as of next Friday (5.30 - 8pm). How exciting, I don't know who was more excited, Saige or Jason (her Dad), who participated in Little A's as a kid (and went on to be very successful in athletics and running in particular)!! Jason still proudly holds one of the long distance records in Guyra!! Tane, our only boy - well he is a little bit of hard work at the moment. A definate DRAMA QUEEN if I have ever met one!!! He is about to turn three (1st October) and yet still refuses to talk properly. He has a dialogue all of his own and we are trying desperately to make him form his words and sentences properly. It's funny, whether it is a boy thing or a second child thing I don't know, but I wonder whenthis boy will speak properly!! And finally, our gorgeous baby girl Sienna (8 weeks). She is the main reason that I have finally got my A into G (ass into gear!) and started this blog. Because as all of us scrappin Mum's know - we don't always get to scrap on time and therefore some photos and milestone moments get pushed aside until we have time to create a layout. Therefore I wanted somewher that I could record the days events that I could go back to when I inevitably get the chance to scrap! Sienna was born on the 12 July 2007, and finally finally finally after having two children that are the 'spit' of their Dad, we have produced a specimen that actually resembles me. YES YES YES, dark hair, green eyes and my nose. How exciting!! I will look less like the Nanny now!! This is a fact! When walking with Saige and Tane through a shopping centre, I have been referred to as the nanny of my children. Can you believe it! This person refused to believe that I was in fact the childrens' mother and wholly and solely thought that I was their Nanny. Amusing now, but at the time I struggled to see the funny side after having twice told him I was their mother. Anyway, I cannot contain my elation that upon our third and final child, I have finally got some 'look-in' with her features. I am going to end my first ever blog right here, cause Tane needs Milo before bed, which he will drink whilst I read the nightly story to him ans Saige before Saige's bedtime, and then I will clean up the kitchen, feed and change Sienna, and hopefully make it into bed before 10pm. See ya tomorrow!!
p.s I did manage to get a really cool card made and sent to Parma (aka Grandpa, my Dad) for father's day. With all the kids handprints on it, I can't wait for him to get it!!