Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jester Boy!

Well today went pretty well to plan. Sienna surprised me with a massive sleep through the night and didn't wake until nearly 4am this morning. Just as I readied myself for her staying awake after her feed, she went straight back to sleep until 6ish! Bliss, 100% pure sleeping bliss - very proud of her. In fact all day today she has been quite sleepy. Slept from 9.30am till 12.30, feed, then back to sleep, feed at 3.30, bath, then a top up feed at 5.30, and currently she is still sleeping (7.30pm). The funniest part of our day would have to be Tane coming out from Saige's room after having raided the dress-up box, with the Court Jester hat on his head (see photo). My Mum made this outfit for me when I was a little girl. The funniest part was I was standing at the Scrapbook table and quite unexpectedly Tane came out and stood next to me. I was busy cutting something out and therefore did not look at him straight away. But then one of the little bells jingled and I absolutely cacked myself when I caught sight of him.
My gorgoeus, wicked boy!! It's moments like these where I am reminded of the innocence of childhood and unbridled search for fun. Today Jason doned the Firefighters gear and went and spoke at Saige's school. It was definately a sight with about 60 little faces peering at him with big beady eyes - the power of a fireman's uniform!! They just loved it, Jason did really well and managed to keep their interest and attention. Saige was beside herself with pride at her Daddy standing up there in front of all her school mates. It was beautiful to see. Got to the gym today which is always a bonus. That's pretty much it for today - no scrapbooking, housework instead (boring!!). But tomorrow is another day....

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