Monday, September 17, 2007

Been awhile!

Hmmm, has been a few moons since I last posted. Been busy with kids and generally just not at the computer! I have decided to only blog maybe once a week, a more realistic expectation rather than trying to find the time each day. Whats been happening?? Well had a busy week last week, Sienna to the clinic on monday (10 Sept) for her two month check up. She blitzed it - weighed in at 4.72 kilos which means she had gained about 1.2kgs in 5 weeks. Her head has grown and her little body has lengthened by 1.5cms. Our little porky pie is going great guns! The following day I had my post baby check (a few weeks late...whoops) but there is just something about the prospect of having a pap smear that just doesn't make you wanna rush in there! Anyway I had Sienna with me so the doc decided to give her her two month immunisations. Poor little sausage - oral vaccines, plus three injections - not happy Jan! Although she did handle it quite well considering.

Saige had her first afternoon at Little Athletics. We enrolled her and she was meant to start last week but because of the rain it was postponed - much to her disgust! She did so well, winning the 70m sprint and throwing the furtherest in the shotput. She has never even picked up a shotput before - or seen one thrown for that matter. Seems she is a natural, jsut like her Daddy who was a little A's champion! I don't know who was prouder when they got home - Saige or Jason!

Started back at work on Sunday, hard to leave but good to have some me time. Once I acutally got to work the time seemed to fly by and I really enjoyed catching up with the girls at work. Working a few more shifts this week which I know is good as we need the money but I am still not enjoying leaving Sienna. I still have that incredible feeling that I should be with her 24/7. However Jason is fantastic with her and it is good for them to have some daddy daughter time. Tane is just plodding along, equally devious and gorgeous at the same time. Even though he sometimes drives me insane, I wouldn't change him for the world!! He is going to be hard work for a few more years to come but being our only boy it'll be worth it. OK, nearly time to wake Sienna for the pre-bed feed so I'm off - here is a photo Jason took yesterday of the kids, just gorgeous.

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