Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Back!

Wow, if my last posting was titled Been awhile...this really takes the cake!! That was posted in September 2007, what is it now like May 2009....Hmmm. Anyway the point is that I am reigniting my blog and am once again determined to stick to it. Where to start, well the kids are rapidly growing (as kids often do), Saige turns 7 in a couple of weeks, Tane is 4 and a half and beautiful Sienna is nearly two now! Where did that time go huh? Right now as I type, we are being pumped with some of the heaviest rain I have seen on the Gold Coast since forever. It has been like this for close to 24 hours, so with three kids in the house you could imagine the noise level going on! Saige is home from school thanks to a school sore outbreak at school and one landed front row centre...Yep right on her nose! Poor little darlin looks like Rudolph with the betadine all over it. Not sure though whether she caught it from school or Tane who also had them but his were up the nostrils, made worse by his compulsive nose picking. You can only just see it in the photo here (taken 19.5.09 with our bird Pepper). Sienna at this point has managed to avoid them. Anyway now that I have got started, that's it for now. I am currently working on a LO to teach for the Scrapbook Cupboard which includes a gorgeous photo of Sienna, Lace cardstock and Glimmermist Screens. Oh and trying to manage three kids trapped inside by the rain!! Wish me luck...

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