Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bootcamp Done!

Well this week saw the completion of Bootcamp 2010.  25 Layouts in 6 weeks!!!  Well two of them were doubles actually so that makes it officially 27 layouts.  Proud of myself....YES.  Moreso because I made myself use all photos that I already have in my stash and promised NOT to print any new ones out.  I achieved that, and considering I usually don't work from sketches, I really enjoyed doing just that.  Had a ball and was really pleased with how they turned out.  Today was Tane's second ever footy match (can't remember the score but hew scored a try and did and outstanding tackle to save a try) and Sienna's first ever offical swimming lesson.  My goodness.....did she scream the joint down?  YES, absolutely!  Anyone would think she had never been near water before.  I couldn't help but take a few pictures mid-scream!
What a classic...poor little thing was beside herself.  Anyway, better next time although I think it will be worse cause she knows what she is going for.  Small sacrifice for a life saving skill though....

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