Saturday, March 6, 2010

Arrival of the bus pass & departure of Precious!

Well, today is Saturday and it is still pouring with rain!  We have had an insane amount of rain over the past few weeks.  Tane was meant to have his first footy game for the year today at Mudgeeraba would you believe but fields are too soggy which means three kids indoors....for the whole day!  Had an upsetting start to the day today as "precious" the bearded dragon that we had found on the road during the week has disappeared.  Poor Saige was devastated.  My only hope is that she got out and was not 'facilitated'out of the bucket by a rat or other slithery creature!  What to do now with the box of live crickets that we have down there...hmmm.  Yesterday was a momentus day in Tane's life, yes the BUS PASS finally arrived!  You have no idea, this has been like waiting for christmas.  He literally slept with it last night and is holding now as I type.  He is actually asking how many sleeps till he goes back to school on Monday!  Due to the weather there is not much doing to day I imagine.  I am about 9 LO's away from finishing Bootcamp with Blue Bazaar so that looks like a good option for a rainy day.  OK...shall be back but that is it for now.

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